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Copper clad board, usually used for the manufacture
of printed circuit boards, is great for constructing
project enclosures with. The tools required are the
same as that for PCB prototyping, and the material
can be cut, drilled and soldered.

First, a rough plan: I need a small enclosure to house
two AA cells and a few other parts. The cells shall be
inside their own compartment so that if they leak the
other electronics shall be spared from corrosion.

This shows the two cells in their own compartment, and
I require four pieces for an "A" shaped frame and a
rectangular piece for the back. The top and front shall
be constructed later, from two pieces joined together in
the shape of an "L".

These pieces are cut a little wider than the height of an
AA cell and sides smoothed.

Two pieces slightly longer than an AA cell, and two pieces
somewhat longer. The fifth piece is left over from the 12''
long stock.

A size check. On the right is another box of similar design.

The copper of the longer pieces are cut using a sharp
knife, to form interconnection between the two cells
and bring the power out. It is easier to do this before
soldering the box together.

The frame has been soldered together, and it is time for
another size check. The two cells fit in with some space
to spare for some foam material for cushioning, and the
ends have space for springs needed to ensure secure

The frame is then sanded flat on both sides. The bottom
piece is cut and sanded, and soldered to the frame to
make a box open on two sides.

The box is finished, and ready to receive springs inside
the battery compartment and electronics outside it.

One spring has been fitted, and some cushioning material
placed in it so that the cells do not break the box apart
if accidentally dropped.

If you are using FRP laminate, it can be difficult to cut.
A tutorial on cutting Glass Fiber Reinforced Resin board
is here. Another one on soldering is here.

... to be continued ...

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